Yetunde Ogunbolude awarded Lisa Rendall Breast Cancer Graduate Student Scholarship

Yetunde Ogunbolude (Bonham and Lukong labs) is the recipient of the first Lisa Rendall Breast Cancer Graduate Student Scholarship, a two-year award.  Yetunde's project is titled: "Identify and characterize FRK-regulated signalling pathways in breast cancer".

Lisa Rendall was a patient with breast cancer, diagnosed at age 35 with stage 4 metastatic disease.  At the time of her diagnosis she was part of the C95 morning show for Rawlco Radio.  Her colleagues rallied around her in support and established the Annual C95 Radiomarathon for Breast Cancer Research.  That was in July of 2000.  Since that time Lisa has been an advocate for breast cancer patients, and a strong supporter of the importance of research.  The sub-type of breast cancer she had (HER2+) made her a candidate for a new therapy called Herceptin.  She credited this new treatment with providing her with ten years of life post-diagnosis.  Regrettably she passed away in April of 2011, but not before raising the spirits of many around her, and making significant contributions to fund-raising for breast cancer research.  The C95 Radiomarathon for Breast Cancer Research has become her legacy, and so far has raised more than 3 million dollars to support new research that gives hope to many.  Her upbeat attitude and her courageous spirit live on, and this award is in her honour.