Congratulations Poster Winners at the Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference

The second Saskatchewan Cancer Research Conference was held June 25 in Saskatoon and was well attended with just over 100 registered participants from a wide range of disciplines.  This conference recognizes and promotes the excellent cancer research within the Province and provides valuable learning and networking opportunities for the participants.  

Conference Speakers
The conference featured two Keynote Speakers. Dr. Lynne-Marie Postovit from the University of Alberta presented her work on “Understanding, defining and targeting drivers of tumor cell plasticity”.  Dr. Cheryl Helgason from the BC Cancer Agency spoke on “Polycomb genes in cancer: Unraveling a role for CBX2”.  The presentations also include Dr. Peter Stirling from the University of British Columbia who described his work on “Genomic analyses to elucidate mechanisms of genome maintenance”.  Additional presentations were made by local investigators (Drs. M. Uppalapati, S. Ahmed and A. Haddadi) and trainees (S. Miah, J. Paul, K. Ahmed and B. Toosi).

Poster Presentation Winners
The conference also included poster presentations, and recognized several poster winners:

•    Graduate Student, First Place ($300):
Bharathikumar Maruthachalam (Supervisor: Dr. R. Geyer, Dept. of Biochemistry)
Deep Sequencing Applications in Antibody Phage Display

•    Graduate Student, Second Place ($200):
James Paul (Co-supervisors: Drs. F. Vizeacoumar and A. Freywald. Dept. of Biochemistry)
Mapping of EphB6 synthetic lethal interactions using a lentivirus-based shRNA library

•    Graduate Student, Third Place ($100):
Mahsa Abrishami (Supervisor: Dr. R. Geyer, Dept. of Pathology and Lab Medicine)
Synthetic Antibodies as potential therapeutics for leukemia

•    Post-Doctoral Fellow ($300):
Dr. Paul Mellor (Supervisor: Dr. D. Anderson, Dept. of Oncology)
CREB3L1 is a metastasis suppressor that represses expression of genes regulating metastasis, invasion and angiogenesis

The success of the conference was in large part due to excellent job of organizers: Drs. Keith Bonham and Franco Vizeacoumar. Invaluable assistance was provided by Sheila Ash and Lori Amson, as well as Frederick Vizeacoumar (website/technical) and Mark Boyd (logistics).  This conference was supported by funds from the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, the College of Medicine – University of Saskatchewan and ThermoFisher Scientific.